“At West Coast Supply Group I can be myself. I feel cared for and I have opportunities to grow. It is a fast-paced and fun environment with an open culture."



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Who we are as an employer

At West Coast Supply Group we offer you more than just a job. We are committed to providing a workplace where you have the freedom to take charge from the beginning of your journey with us. Taking initiative is key; we believe that offering you freedom to make informed decisions enables you to develop yourself as we grow our company. Professional training courses and personal development plans are core elements of our culture at West Coast Supply Group.

Core Purpose

We live by our Core Purpose: "Challenging Your View of the World", which means that we all act as pioneers in each area of our work. Our commercial team crosses borders into uncharted territories to find new customers, suppliers and other partners. Our Logistic experts find best-priced solutions for on-time delivery. Our Finance department instills stakeholders' confidence by providing trusted advice on company assets. Our IT specialists ensure high quality services and customer support to do business seamlessly.

Can-do mentality

We all have a top sport mentality; striving for personal growth and pushing ourselves to constantly improve. We work internationally with an open culture and multiple nationalities. "Cannot" does not exist in our vocabulary - we find a way thanks to our 'can-do' mentality. We cooperate based on trust in and respect for each other. We are a game changer, an influencer and we offer a different perspective to your view of the world. As a result, our team creates value and opportunities at a fast pace and makes the difference - all while having loads of fun!

Open work environment

You see, we know that having fun and being passionate about your work is a must for success. That is why we have an open work environment with music playing on each floor. The playlist is up to you. These funky beats, our healthy lunches in our own restaurant and our Friday afternoon team drinks on our rooftop patio are part of your typical week here at West Coast Supply Group. 

This is us!

Our core values

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? We are always looking to add talent with a can-do mentality and those who thrive in a fast-paced environment. As an employee of West Coast Supply Group you need to be able to identify yourself with our core values as they are the DNA of our organization. They are not just words on a wall: we live and breathe our core values and hold each other accountable to them. Here they are:

Results ánd people count

We work in a team of competent and dynamic people, helping each other to reach our full potential.

Do it, own it

We have an entrepreneurial, winning attitude and certainly not a ‘nine to five’ mentality.

Go the extra mile

We strive to exceed the expectations of clients and colleagues. We take the extra step.

Find a way, not an excuse

We are flexible when matters do not go the way we had envisaged. We keep on going.

Constantly improve

We believe in personal development and strive to improve ourselves and our team everyday.

Our team's opinions

“WCSG treats employees as its asset. It provides opportunities to grow and training for development. The work is varied, each day is different. The atmosphere is open and fun. We have lots of events to get to know each other better.” - Dewi

Employees as asset Through our people we make progress
Training and courses There are many opportunities to learn and grow
There is variation in my work There is no routine, each day is different

Our team's opinions

“I really enjoy the young and energetic atmosphere – especially the diverse music styles at the office. WCSG is not an old fashioned corporate! We are always seeking new opportunities to improve and grow.” - Jan

Energetic Good vibes, good music, good energy
Improving We seek new chances to grow and get better
Team work Together we reach our goals

Our team's opinions

“I am proud that WCSG is always exploring new opportunities and opening new possibilities in our business. All the employees are sharing the same goal. The word 'impossible' is not in our vocabulary and we are growing together with the company.” - Wim

Always exploring We are constantly on the lookout for expansion
Alignment Everyone knows where we go and what it takes to get there
Everything is possible We find ways to make it happen

Our team's opinions

“Working at WCSG allows me to do my best every day. Not one day is the same, which gives me a chance to challenge myself and grow; both professionally and as a person.” - Connie

I can be the best version of myself I am free to decide and trusted to do it right
Every day is different Each day presents a new challenge
I grow personally too I grow both professionally and personally

Our team's opinions

“Seeing the progress I have made together with my team is something that makes me proud. Teamwork and a good atmosphere within the team is what motivates me every day.” - Debora

I am proud of our progress I progress through and with my team
Positive team spirit There is a positive atmosphere and a true team spirit
I am motivated every single day I get out of bed because I love what I do

Our team's opinions

“Working at WCSG has given me the energy and freedom to create and develop business worldwide. I appreciate the support and trust I get from the company as it has allowed me to push forward and grow." - Tristan

I have freedom to do my job WCSG is a 'flat' organization, so I can take initiative
I get support and trust I feel supported and I receive trust from those that matter
A push forward WCSG pushes me forward and allows me to grow

Our team's opinions

“My team is my biggest support - we work together and play together. We share the same interests and we work to achieve our goals together. WCSG gives you a stage, and a freedom to do your best every day. You are free to build your own business case. Every day is full of challenges and surprises." - Erica

Challenges and nice surprises WCSG challenges me and helps me grow
We share the same interests We work as a team to achieve our goals
WCSG gives you the stage You can take the stage and excel

Our team's opinions

“Working at WCSG is working with an ambitious group of people, who are all willing to go the extra mile for clients as well as colleagues. There is a culture in which you can grow and challenge yourself, but at the same time there is room for having fun. This motivates me to do my best every day!" - Chantal

I work with an ambitious team They go the extra mile for clients and colleagues
Room for growth Our learning environment provides me with new challenges
Fun There is lots of time for fun

Our team's opinions

"Working as part of WCSGs HR team means having a sharp eye for talent, development and improvement. We constantly improve by challenging each other and growing professionally and personally to be the best version of ourselves. We are ambitious, curious and open and know how to have fun!" - Hanneke

Eye for development The HR team has eye for talent, development and improvement
We grow together We grow to be the best version of ourselves
We have fun We are curious, open and know how to have fun