We do things the right way. Whether it is figuring out the most efficient transportation route or ensuring worry-free legal processes, we are set up to execute your order in a responsible manner.

Our diverse team of specialists at West Coast Supply Group is here to take the weight off your shoulders. Our expertise and 40+ years of experience in the FMCG sector allows you to focus on what matters most while leaving the heavy lifting to us.

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Logistics and supply chain

West Cost Supply Group is a trusted partner for clients around the globe in the distribution of goods in different markets. We manage and distribute the clients' shipments efficiently because we understand their needs thus we are able to provide dedicated solutions.

Currently we face a dynamic environment characterized by digitally disruptive customers, as well as supply chains that are challenged by issues such as speed-to-market and peak season management. At West Coast Supply Group we assist our customers in optimizing the supply chain by providing innovative solutions. These solutions are supported by consolidation at our DC's, special services like Value Added Logistics including enhanced transport and customs clearance processes for on-time cross border delivery. These deliveries are accomplished by using multimodal transport. We have full control over inventory, we ensure maximum flow visibility (logistic control tower) and we minimize supply chain costs.

Shipment by air, sea, rail or road

>150.000 pallets, >2000 containers shipped per year

25.000 m2 of storage

>14.000 m2 of solar panels at our warehouse

>1M kilo air freight shipped per year

Close proximity to the Port of Rotterdam

We store bonded and excise goods

GDP licensed

In-house VAL activities

DC solutions per division

West Coast Supply Group utilizes dedicated warehouse facilities embedded in a global network. We provide bonded, multi temperature and ADR storage. This enables us to meet the client’s needs. We are able to link suppliers and customers in one transaction with single source supply. This ranges from sourcing to consolidation to VAL to supplying. The experience and knowledge of the supply chain in FMCGs is a valuable asset in bringing those solutions to clients.

In-house Value Added Services

Our clients can choose from a wide range of products. We consolidate the products in our global network of DCs and are able to accomplish order fulfillment on the spot. With the dedicated Value Added Logistics centers, West Coast Supply Group translates product labels, labels and repacks the products to the clients' needs and consolidates shipments. This dedication to the clients' needs is our core business. We go the extra mile every day.

Multimodal transport

West Coast Supply Group makes it easy to manage shipments and logistics. This encompasses finding a transport partner with the right price, making the booking and submitting the related documents. In reaching this goal we utilize all modalities in the end to end solution.

For Asian shipments the “new silk route” has proven to be a good and reliable alternative for West Coast Supply Group. This rail transport combines fast transit times with a high level of reliability.